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Create Internet solutions from models by the push of a button


What is UML2PHP?
UML2PHP takes a UML model as input and creates a PHP5 application from it that is ready for use. This means fast, efficient and profitable application development:
  • Generating working and customizable Windows/Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP5 applications by a push of a button,
  • including generated persistence using MySQL database support and
  • including generated gui forms to search, create, modify and delete your business data.
  • Applications generated with UML2PHP can be extended using roundtrip. This means further generations will keep your additional code.
  • UML2PHP Enterprise Edition will help you creating your own software architectures to generate your applications from.
Download a free trial version
Free trial versions are available - all you need is to enter your
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Your privacy is respected by us. We'll use your data only for UML2PHP relevant contacts.
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Where can i get further information about UML2PHP?
In any case you might want to stay tuned and have a look at http://www.uml2php.com every once in a while.
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