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You’d like to get software that works as expected?

Does your organisation create and maintain its own software? Is your organisation always looking for ways to improve their software and to achieve aims faster? We offer solutions in different niches of software engineering. Here are some of our most common services:

  • Training course to be a Certified Professional for Software Architecture according to the guidelines of the Iternational Software Architecture Qualification Board. A training course in English is also provided by BITPlan.
  • Training course to  be a Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering according to the guidelines of the International Requirements Engineering Board. A training course  in Engish is alsoprovided by BITPlan.
  • UML Tool Migration – You would like to change your UML-Tool? We offer support in migration of new tools and show you how to use them more efficient.
  • CASE-Toolselection – Would you like to professionalize your software development and make it more efficient? Are you looking for an appropriate UML or Configuration Management Tool? Would you like to introduce a project management tool? We will help you finding the right tool!
  • Testmanagement – We support the introduction and improvement of your test management.
  • “sheet anchor” – If there is any trouble in your project, we can step in and help you.


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